A Place Where Things Join, Fourteen

For several hours Marian meandered around town with the children. She went to the zoo, spending the money for Kelly's new boots on fairy floss, soda and rides on the choo-choo-train while she sat by, contemplating the surrealness of the situation and avoiding conversation. The topic was on many people's lips; she heard words like [...]

A Place Where Things Join, Ten

“Hey, sleepy, what are you doing up so late?” said Kel as Marian shuffled drowsily into the kitchen. “What are you doing!” Oliver echoed, pointing a chocolaty spoon at her. They were playing cards together. Several empty beers decorated the dining table. “I should ask you the same question,” she said to Oliver, picking him [...]

A Place Where Things Join, Eight

That night Kel was on edge. The air inside the house was the mingling smell of his cigarettes with the rich and unusual odours of the cooking. In the kitchen Marian felt Kel's nervous to-and-fro behind her as she combined ingredients, and later, outside in the yard, rifle underarm and cigarette in hand Kel witnessed [...]

The Good Prospector

“The living room,” said Yuki, proud, but in his very human and contemplative manner, smiling passively. Evelyn clapped across the pristine granite floors in her little sandals. “Look, Dad, look at this! Look!” she screamed. She had found a paint brush on the coffee table amid newspaper. “Yes,” said Yuki as a young woman, his [...]

A Place Where Things Join, Seven

“Come here, you goose,” said Kel, reaching blindly behind him to grab a hunk of pale, bare leg beneath her dress. “I have no idea what her photos are like, you would have as much an idea as me.” Marian brought round her leg, resting her thighs on his shoulders. She squeezed gently and watched [...]