Mabel pulled Peter from the tub and he was slick and pink and glistening. He hugged his towel about his chest and shivered. Half-lidded, mouth downturned; the same as when he was indignant, displeased with something. Droopy Dog. Or a little crewman stepping from the wreckage of the George 1, the downed PBM Mariner that [...]

Marian, Two

“Yes,” said John having entered their new home, having walked and turned about in the empty, hardwood-floored, high-ceilinged living room. “Yes,” meaning, as Marian knew, “Yes I'll get my bible,” something he had been quietly deliberating over—whether to bless the new house as they had their first. She was used to things slowing down intolerably, [...]


“It better go off without a hitch!” Earnest Graffen, the Lieutenant Colonel had shouted it from halfway across the room and the other parents laughed. The children were gathering together before the fireplace to read a story they had put together. Throughout the night they had all joined minds and contributed, one line at a [...]

Grace, Four

“Come, he hath hid himself among these trees, to be consorted with the humorous night;” Mr Feigenbaum replied measuredly, the revolutions of his foot keeping rhythm, “blind is his love and best befits the dark.” “If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark. Now will he sit under a medlar tree, and wish his [...]

Grace, Three

Mr Feigenbaum was known as Mr Faggotbum at Gradston High. That was because he wore a scarf and crossed his legs, and knew more about poetry and plays than the librarians, the teachers, and certainly any of the children's own parents. Mr Feigenbaum had a wife and three children though, all grown up. One of [...]

Grace, Two

From a cold, hard distance Tammy looked like a warm person. There was something (head buried in her chicken-fried steak sandwich, her lunchbox of leftovers from the funeral) about those sustained and indiscreet looks up and around her, at the other children in their groups, talking and laughing and moving that signalled a profound willingness [...]


Grace's mother fanned herself with the funeral program. Tammy saw it in her periphery. Her hand was sweaty, the hand which gripped her own. Tears and sweat made a clear, glistening mask, glittered in the corners of her mouth and in the pocket beneath her lower lip and her small, round chin. As for Tammy, [...]